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Can I put back furniture on the carpet after washing with Rug doctor?

We are cleaning the whole house with Rug Doctor because we are selling the house.I have two questions:Can I put back furniture on the wet carpet? I don't really mind about the furniture, its kinda old. Like wood 3 beds, chairs.I don't have any other places to put the furniture.Can I stay in the room? I have my study table and computer.


Hey...hey! I am a flooring associate from The Home Depot, and I feel like I've used Rug Doctor in my own place as much as renting them out when I worked in Tool Rental at my store. Using a Rug Doctor is great for your carpets but the carpet tends to dry out using it after 48 hours or so after using it. For your first question, you can put the furniture back in PROVIDED they don't come into much contact with the carpet. For example, I put my queen sized bed back in my room after cleaning it with a Rug Doctor since only 4 posts touched the carpeted floor. If you have a chance to grab a small throw mat or a bit of plastic sheeting, it would be good too for staying in the room. And here's a tip, be barefoot on the carpet during when it is wet. Keep the shoes and sandals outside or in another room, since wet carpet will attract any dirt under your shoes. You should be fine in staying in the room, provided you give places like under the study table and bed proper ventilation to let the carpet fibers dry out properly. If not, you'll have the water/cleaner mixture sour, and leaving a bad smell. To eliminate this, I'd strongly suggest putting in a box or table fan on the floor or even renting out a floor fan. They look like a large whistle, and they put out a lot of air, thereby reducing drying time for your carpets. Hope this helps out you, aboveaveragejoe
Aug 23, 2017
Yes, tin foil keeps the moisture away from the legs of the furniture and protects both the carpet and the furniture. One problem though is if it is still damp when you put the furniture back on it you have those depressions in the carpet as it will compress then dry that way. Best it be as dry as possible before putting the furniture back. Good Luck
Aug 23, 2017
You should put tin foil on the legs so the wet does not stain the carpet of the furniture. Only put back what you need and do the rest after it dries. you can walk on it and use the rooms
Aug 23, 2017

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