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can i use a dust a dust mask against soldering fumes?

okay so i just started soldering and everyone says thati should have a fan next to me i just wanted to know if instead of a fan i could use a regular old dust mask


I removed the old battery, shut off the breaker, vaccumed the sensor and sides of it, took a cotton swab and pulled the cotton off a bit, shoved the cotton swap into the intake sensor area by the hush botton, moved it around a bit, turned the breaker back on, and then installed a fresh battery
well in chicago all the time lightning strikes the sears tower
In a city, the probability is close to zero. While the situation for the other boy is tragic, lightning is usually attracted to the tallest things in that local area, and in parks, it is often the case that humans are the tallest thing around. Lightning is especially attracted to large metal poles, which conduct electricity and draw in the lightning. Since a city is full of these, and many buildings have lightning rods attached to the top of them for this purpose only, the lightning would almost certainly strike them before anything else, because they are the fastest and easiest ways for lightning to dissipate itself.

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