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Can you fire a bullet in space?

My friend and I were wondering, Is it possible to fire a bullet in space? If so, will it be moving at lethal force?


dag nabitillinois stop stealin our snowwe need more in michigan so i can have more than one snow day the day after tomorrow..so i can get paid by shovelin peoples drive ways any waybuy food..waterget batteries..flashlights, candleswarm stuff..prepare for it like you would for a blackoutbuy saltfor your drivewayshovels..etc How do you live in Illinois and not know how to prepare for a snow storm/blizzard?
I Googled smoke detectors for hearing impaired and found one (it ends in that recommends you contact your local fire department. They can help you find flashing or vibrating smoke alarms. I don't know about the cost, however, but ask them; they may be able to refer you to an organization that can help.
I live in NE Ohio and we're always having snowstorms. The basics of any emergency. 1. Candles. Preferably flameless so in case a child or pet would knock it over then it wouldn't cause a fire. 2. Blankets. Lots of blankets. 3. Fresh water on hand in case of water pipes freezing up if the heat would go off. 4. An emergency radio. They now have weather radio that you can wind up and require no batteries. This way you can stay on top of the storm. 5. A cell phone or some type of walkie talkie to communicate to the outside world. If the power goes out then there would be a chance that the cell phone towers wouldn't work anyhow. If you have a landline then you should be all right in winter related emergencies. 6. Canned food, soups, meats. Dry cereal, bread. Canned foods can stay on the shelf for about a year. 7. An emergency medical kit of some type. Having bandages, alcohol, a disinfectant, scissors, tape, pain reliever, cough medication, stomach medication in case of a medical emergency. 8. Some type of emergency lighting. A flashlight is good. They have emergency lanterns that last pretty good. 9. Firewood if you have a fireplace to keep yourself warm. Make sure the fireplace is working though. 10. Keep in contact with other friends and family to make sure that they are all right also. 11. Pets. Make sure any dogs or cats are kept inside during a winter storm. Their bodies can literally freeze very fast. 12. Make sure that your vehicle is ready to go once your roads have been cleaned off well enough to travel. Having a full tank of gas, and a good battery, good tires are a necessity in bad weather. 13. Last but not least, board games, books, and toys to keep the family busy. I hope that the winter weather will be done very soon. :)
Eat the snow. Come on, be the man ! I know you have the balls to do it. I'm right with ya.

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