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can you make yarn (knitting) out of cotton balls? if so then how?

can you make yarn (knitting) out of cotton balls? if so then how?i have alot of cotton balls and i want to know if i can make yarn out of them? can you also tell me directions on how to do so? i cannot find anything on it on google!


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Sigh, you don't need to card the cotton balls, but be aware these may not actually be cotton, but polyester these daysCotton is a very short staple (fiber length) material, and it is best spun on a tahkli or support spindle rather than on a wheel or drop spindle, or on a charkha, which is a version of a spinning wheel from India that spins the fibers very rapidlySpinning cotton takes a good bit of practice and a deft handYou do need to fluff the balls by pulling on them a bit to open them up, but then it is a matter of catching the beginning fibers to form the initial yarn, adding a lot of twist to it as you draft it out and then more twist to add strength to the yarn before winding it on If you don't know how to spin, this is definitely not a good place to start.

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