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Cant afford to repair car, what can I do?

Car that we are still paying on, 168 dollars every two weeks, and insurance is 250 per month. Wife NEEDS car to get to work. there is no public transportation here at all. Nobody lives close enough to us to give her a ride. Car needs 700 dollar repair. We live paycheck to paycheck with NO room for even 50 dollars worth of unexpected expenses. this is not our fault, we simply cannot find higher paying jobs. we can‘t get any form of loan or credit, we have tried and everyone said no. without this car she cannot get to work and we will end up homeless when we get evicted for not paying our rent. none of this is our fault, its just how the cards were dealt so please no judgmental replies, i have my snobbish parents for that. NOBODY will lend us any money either. what are we to do?


What is the problem with the car exactly? It might be something you can fix yourself considerably cheaper than what your mechanic wants for it.
Find out what needs to be fixed, and fix it yourself using junkyard/used parts. Get a friend to help you, borrow tools form someone who will lend them to you.
Make sure the rear brake petal is returning to the up position fully. Lift up on it and then see if the light is still on. If not, you need to make sure the return spring isn't broken or lube or clean the brake lever pivot shaft so it will return all the way.

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