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Cant Pry Front Axle off of 1995 Toyota Camry.?

I‘ve been trying to pry the front axles (both left and right) off so I can replace them. My car is lifted. I have already removed the wheels and the axle from the hub assembly. Right now I‘m at removing the cv axle, which I‘m having trouble with.I cannot seem to pry off the axles. I have used a pry bar, a pry bar with a hammer, pry bar with me kicking, I have tried pulling/yanking it out with great force. I have even tried prying it with a hammer while someone else pulled. Also I have kept the axle straight so that the splines are aligned. But nothing works! I need some more tips as to how I can pry the axles out. Am I missing any steps?


In many CV Axles, the is a pin. This pin will have to be removed to take out the axle. It is very small and easy to miss. Most are black. I hope this helps!
May 28, 2018
Since you say say you have removed the axles from the hubs, I assume you mean pulling the axles loose from the transmission. You need to put two pry bars opposite of each other while popping the axel out.may require two people. It is really a tight fit and can bind if ****** to one side. Remember trans fluid will leak like heck when you get axel out. Either purchase a trans/cv plug kit or be prepared to replace the fluid.
May 28, 2018
the last one that i had to replace was fun to get out also, it took a large pry bar carefully located ans some real force on that bar. after that it did come loose. the new one was really easy to get in though. dont give up.
May 28, 2018

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