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Car alarm trouble..Help?

I got this security system pictured below and i managed to install it myself without professional help, everything works perfect, how ever, I don't have a good range on the antenna, (about 6 meters), I located the unit in the dash as suggested, how can i boost the range (or is it a case of weak batt. in the transmitter)..and most importantly, there are two connections that say STARTER with a key and motor wire connection at the upper right corner, i really want to know what this is for..is it some kind of remote starter.also any info about this type of alarm system will be very benifficial to me. thank you


Well not good on the front end and the suspension. Depending on the size of the speed bump you might want to keep and eye out for oil leaks (brown) including transmission (red) and if your car sounds a little different might have knocked the muffler loose. Speed + Speed bumps Not a long life for your car!
it might depending on the size of it
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