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Catching Fire midnight premiere?

Hi, I'm a 14 year old female and I'm going to the Catching Fire midnight premiere. This is my first midnight premiere! :) I want to know if it's lame to dress up I was going to dress up as Buttercup, the cat, (I know hes a male cat and I'm female, but whatever!) and my friends who are going think it's cute, but they're not dressing up themselves.. Will this be lame? I don't want to look like an idiot I was going to wear cat ears, a tail, and draw whiskers on my face. (I would take off the cat ears and tail for the movie so it's not distracting.)Also, what should I bring to keep my friends and I occupied? I plan on bringing my phone, my family's iPad so we can watch the first movie while in line, headphones, a hunger games bag with 5 Catching Fire magazines, the CF book, money, a Hunger Games blanket because it's supposed to be chilly that day, and snacks for in line. Is there anything else I should bring?Thanks!! :)


No, no such law, and no lawsuit. And how long did you work there, btw? If a year, three days sick isn't a lot. If in 4 months, it's a VERY bad record.
BBQ Possum stew Possum pie Fried possum with turnips possum casserole possum lo mein broiled possum and rice possum ice cream(okay,I made THAT ONE up.)
You / If the fire department were to see that, I imagine there would be big problems. As far as mold, I am not sure. There should be someone. I am sure if you called your local TAA representitive they could point you in the right direction.

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