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change axle 96 honda accord?

need diagrams


Go buy the book for the car- if you are going to do this, chances are you are going to be fixing other things.
May 28, 2018
Jack up car nice and high. Place propper jack stand under sub frame right behind the wheel well. Remove tire remove axle nut remove lower ball joint nut and separate ball joint from lower control arm remove bolt from lower wishbone at the bottom of the strut use prybar being careful not to damage any parts and push down on the lower control arm when the control arm and ball joint are separated pull out on the whole hub assembly with one hand while pulling the axle back through it once the axle is free of the hub let the hub down and let the axle lay there using a large screwdriver or pry bar pop the axle out of the transaxle by inserting the bar between the transaxle and inner cv joint body and pop it loose once the axle is free from the trans you will need to lower the control arm again and pull the hub assembly out of the way and pull the axle out it may be necessary to drop the axle through the opening at the bottom of the wishbone where it bolts to the control arm if the cv joint wont fit through it reverse the procedure to install just make sure you get the inner cv joint snapped back into the transaxle completely not sure about the axle nut torque, you should look it up but it is probably around 115 ft lbs good luck
May 28, 2018

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