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Character names that have to do with elements (fire, water, electricity/lightning)?

I'm writing a story and I'm having a bit of trouble with names. The main characters are 3 sisters that develop elemental powers - fire, water, and lightning/electricity.I had picked out 3 names that I love for the characters and their personalities, but they are all 3 or 2 letters and they all end in 'a'. The 3 names I had picked out are Sera (burning one), Cora (lady of the lake), and Zia (light). Sera, who has fire powers, is artsy and outgoing. Cora, who has water powers, is shy and kind. And Zia, who can can control electricity, is bubbly, outgoing, and just very hyper/bouncy/spunky. I think these names suit them perfectly, but it really bugs me that they all end in 'a' and sound alike. Are there any other names that mean these things and match their personalities? I know that Vivien also means 'lady of the lake', and that's on my list for water. Any suggestions? :)


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