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CLean Oriental Rug with water?

I have a Nepalese oriental rug. I assume its wool (thought it may have man made fibres in it).I've cleaned various spills with water over the years - with no probs.It really needs a clean.. can I clean it with cold water? Is this dangerous?I'd like to just take it out and wash it down with a hose... Thanks


You can hose it down but the problem is that it will be sopping wet so it will take forever to dry. Also, professional rug cleaning people who use this method have a way of extracting the water out (vacuum table) so that the colors don't run from being wet too long. Since you don't have the material, I would suggest a carpet shampooer (injection/extraction) or if not, have a wet dry vac handy to suck up the maximum amount of water from the rug and be able to hang it over a bar in a very well ventilated area. You will have to turn it once every few hours. The biggest risk is that the colors run after X time being wet.
Aug 23, 2017
Check out this site, it seems as if they have a great step by step guide to in home shampooing your Oriental rug. I have used the advice on their stain removal guide quite a bit and they worked great. Best of luck!
Aug 23, 2017
I have cleaned my rugs that way for years. dry on the grass, by flipping over several times a day till dry. Use gentle soap and a brush. When you bring them in vacuum well.
Aug 23, 2017

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