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Cost of moving mobile home in west michigan?

I have a double wide mobile and it's about 1000 sq ftArea to be moved is about a mile away Both areas of where it would be removed and placed are accessible if that helps Thanks


More than you'd hopeYou can't move a double wide trailer without redividing it to two single trailers So basically, you need to remove siding, split the two units, secure and cover open sides, add axles (if not there or inspect existing) and much more Moving the trailers then may require cranes (or at least hydraulic lifts) to get it out of whatever hole it's in and then dropping it at the new location The trucks would legally be required to get permits to be legal on public roadsPossibly have to hire escort cars, and a lot moreNone of that is cheapIn short, even though it's a short move, you're looking at several thousand dollarsPossibly as high as 10-15 grand.

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