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Did I damage the rear axle of my car???!??!?

I was backing up and scratched the side of my car against a tree. It was the left (drivers side) rear that was scraped above the wheel well (if that‘s what the big part above the tire is called. I didn‘t think it was that bad, but I thought my car was driving weirdly so I got out to look and there was a huge, deep gouge in the side of the car above the tire. I was able to drive the car home but i felt like it was weird the whole time.I also thought there were noises coming from the back when accelerating, even in a straight line. I know the car needs cosmetic repairs (the metal is torn up along one, long scratch and very badly scratched on other parts). What did I do to my car?I was seeing if online forums could help, and seem to have freaked myself out thinking I had somehow damaged the axle/shaft in the process. If anyone could help that would be fantastic?I just want to know what kind of repairs I‘m looking at and approximately how much they will cost.


no , you did not hurt your axle . it takes a LOT more than that to hurt your axle. you did not even hit your rire on the tree , Just the ( fender , ok ) ( edit wheel well ) and bent it . only driving problem that would cause is if you bent the wheel well in so far that it is now rubbing on the tire. That will wear a hole in your tire real quick . is metal touching your tire some where ? get under where you can see above the tire and see if it rubbing the tire . But you did not hurt your axle. , or U joint , or wheel bearings by hitting the tree with the body of your car. You just bent some metal on the body of your car.
May 28, 2018
check to make sure the body isn't pushed up against the tire or anything in the wheel well. Otherwise you may have a bad wheel bearing or axle shaft bearing. Also, may be a bad universal joint in the rear drive shaft. Check it out,
May 28, 2018

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