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DIY goth/punk clothing?

I need some links and tips on how to DIY goth/punk clothing and such.


YES. it handles decently in snow IF you have snow tires. Here in Michigan, we get snow 7 months a year, but our RX8 drives fine in snow.(with snow tires)
I'm not so sure they are real google search them
During the winter a car becomes more dependent on two factors: 1. Driver Skill. 2. Tire selection. FWD, AWD cars allow a less experienced driver to reach their destination with more certainty. But even with these cars the wrong tire choice spells problems. I say this because I drove a FWD high performance car that had summer tires on it one winter in Nebraska. It was not nice, but I still got where I was going. Also I learned when driving a FWD Subaru to pay attention to the owners manual, which said to put snow tires all the way around. Now a Miata is also a RWD car, and rides low to the ground, and I have driven one in blizzards in Nebraska. But again, tire selection is so important. So my conclusion is that if you can get studded snow tires (all the way around), wait for the roads to be plowed, there should be very little problems if you have better then average driving skills. Which I assume is true because you selected a RX-8 to drive. Just get a spare set of rims to mount those snow tires on and maybe select a different rim tire size so that the side wall flex can be used to maximize the ability of the tires to clean themselves out when driving.

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