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Do copper coated BBs ruin small game?

I will soon be using my new .177 cal pellet rifle to hunt small game (nothing larger than a rabbit). However, I want to know if .177 cal BBs that work in the action will be as effective as the pellets. I am using the Crosman Copperhead steel BBs coated with copper as ammo. Also, will the copper coating damage the meat? I know enough copper ingested can be dangerous, but will it affect the animal externally? Thanks for any and all replies(By the way, there is no proper subject for this question)


Copper will not harm anything. However lead pellets will have a better impact as lead is much softer and will expand when it strikes something. Having said that, most pellet rilfes don't produce enough velocity to give much expansion to the pellet. I would strongly suggest you look for something different to insure quick, clean kills. There is nothing worse than wounding an animal that gets away and dies later in pain. I would suggest at least a .22 rimfire even for small game like rabbits. A 20 gauge shotgun would be even better. I have nothing against hunting. I have been a hunter/trapper myself. So long as you plan on eating what you kill it's fine in my eyes.

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