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Do i need a new laptop charger?

I put the charger in but it doesn't charge. If i twist it around it might charge. The cord close to where i put charger in is tearing. I read i also might need a new battery. Any help is appreciated since it just died and won't charge.I have a hp pavillion g6 and have had it for about 9 monthsThanks!


replace the charger/powersupply. You said it would charge if you twisted it. That says battery was working. Also, you see the damage on cable. You wanna replace that anyway. Shorts suck. Just replace charger.
I'd okorder
According to your description, it's more likely that your DC jack caused this problem but not your charger. Do a simple test first before you purchase a new charger. Connect it with a known working charger and see is your laptop work. If the problem continues, then it's your power jack that was broken. It need to be resoldered.

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