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Does a 1995 Chevy Cavalier have Rear-Rocker panels?

Ok so i went to Canadian Tire for some new tires.which somehow gives them the right to listen to my engine(which I locked down) and tell me that my rear rocker panels are rotted away and its not safe to lift the car off the ground.Now I know that I shouldn‘t listen to anything that Canadian Tires says but it piqued my interest. I googled it and nothing. I looked at the repair manual and lo-and-behold rear rocker panel aren‘t even listed anywhere. Is this a typical money grab? Or could they have just gotten the part name wrong? Maybe I should just ask if theres any truth to what they‘re feeding me.


if you cant bend try soldering elbow joints . two 90 degree elbows or see if they make a 180 degree
Goto Wal-Mart or a hardware store of choice in the plumbing section you can buy cheap benders. That is the best way.
i dont think you can bend a copper pipe 180 degrees. you could try two 90 degree joints and soder them. there is a flex tubbing that you can use. it comes in coils and it is easier to work with.
It's the actual lower part of the quarter panel, and it is the common rust area on the 95 and up cavalier. That thing must be really rotted if they won't even try lifting under there. Had a 97 cava.a few years ago and it was rusting but good.
All cars have rocker panels. It is the panel that goes from the back of the front fender to the rear tire, and is below the door. Yes, they do rust out, especially after 15 years. Just look under the car to see if it is rusty. They should be able to lift the car by another way, not the rockers. Why are you worried about them listening to your engine. There is no right to it. They can hear it when they drive it in to change the tires. You locked it down?? What are you talking about??

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