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Does baby shampoo make ur hair shinier?

if i buy baby shampoo, will it make my hair softer and shinier?


Depends on what you are looking to extinguish. fire extinguisher expense depends on their capabilities. get the one that can do it all wood, grease, electrical ABC, It can put out anything !Piece of mind. one on every floor of your home, one in the garage, one in you car.
Just about any car can be made to work well in snow with the proper tires. I always run 195/60R15 88Q Bridgestone Blizzak's on my Sentra SE-R Spec V in the winter and the stock Continental Sport Contacts in 215/45ZR17 87Y in the summer. Best possible traction all year round. Many performance tires, such as the Continentals that came on my car are not intended for use in cold weather, let alone ice and snow. That is why they are called summer only tires and many small sporty cars (like mine) come with such tires from the factory. You either need to switch to an all-season tire (not great but at least drivable) or do what I did and get 2 sets of tires. AWD only helps with acceleration. It does not make the car turn or stop any better. That is all up to the tires. Unfortunately, too many people think of winter traction as not getting stuck in my driveway not in not hitting that curb/truck/light pole in front of me.

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