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Does my new accent chair match the rest of the room?

I purchased this chair online


It's a nice looking chair, but from what I can see of your living room, it doesn't seem to go. Your couch looks modern, what I can see of it, and the chair looks somewhat French Provincial. Is the position it's shown where it will be, or did you just place it there for the photo? It may not look bad at all, tucked away in a corner if your room is large enough, or even in a foyer by a console or table. I think if you move it away from the sofa a little bit, it might work. I like the browns and tans in your drapes. One thing you might try is to find a soft chenille fringed throw in a creamy beige color. Try draping it over the arm of the sofa nearest the chair. Or if the throw is not too bulky, try it over the back and arm of the chair. If that's where the chair is going to stay, try angling it back toward the window or door shown in the picture. Push your sofa down a few inches, if you can. Try to get a little more distance between the two pieces, if possible. Get a silk or real green plant or two - say a small palm and/or a basket of greenery- and place them on the floor behind the chair. You'll be surprised what this will do to soften the look. Replace the bright red sofa pillow with a richer, deeper red. Go for a darker red, like a berry color. Buy a pair of them when you find just the right color. Play around with the chair and placement before you send it back. You may be able to make it work, so don't give up until you work with what you've got, espececially if you love the chair. It's a classic design in a neutral color and even if you don't use it in your living room, it may work somewhere else. Good luck.
first you could consider trying to return the chair, you will be able to find a better one to match your room. If not then I would say you could rub a greenish colour finish on it, rub it into the cracks and grooves and wipe off excess for an antiqued look. Or you could leave the wood and reupholster the fabric with a green colour or maybe green,red,brown stripes. I would also like to mention (as an interior decorator) that I think the chair looks too small for your space, so ideally you should just return it and get something else.
I think it looks like the same chair.They just have a brighter picture and you have a darker wall.I think if you throw a orange multi colored Shaw like over the back of the chair it will look nicer.You just need something to accent the chair and sofa together and colors will make it look great and not so drab looking.
There are options for refinishing chairs. You can strip down the wood and restain and finish it yourself. You can enlist the help of a professional, or do a Google search for DIY. I, personally, love an eclectic look. But, the chair actually clashes just a bit with the rest of the color scheme. Refinishing it would probably be a good idea.
I would go with the IKEA or Bernie chair. It's a nice collection you've put together. All neutral colors and complimentary styles so they go together. Use 1-3 bright or deep complimenting colors in your accent pieces, decorations, rugs, and art. The nice thing about this kind of set up is that when you get tired of it you only need to change the cheaper items to get a whole new room and color scheme. Good job!

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