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does water wheel run by electricity or by itself?

i was wondering how does back in the day how water wheel work with no electricity ,what did they used in order to make the wheel run by itself


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very confusing task. lookup onto yahoo. just that could actually help!
er.water! By definition a water wheel is a wheel powered by water. They used to build them over streams, small rivers and other fast-moving water.
First thing first, water wheel is basically a machine that use water to generate work. Water wheels are fitted with a bunch of paddles. When dip in a water flowing body such as river and streams, the water will move the paddles and thus turn the wheel. At the center of the wheel is a shaft and cogs that convert this moving energy to do work. Work such as grinding grain into flour etc Water wheel and wind mill are similar in mechanism--using a flowing fluid such as air or water to generate work.

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