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Fire alarm problem don't kno what it is?

I came and every fire alarm was going off now this is the 6th time we've been getting sick more and the 3rd time Nevada gas said we had a leak they fixed it but now the fire alarms r going off again is it carbon monoxide


Master Cylinder is easy to replace. Its a little time consuming but easy to replace. Cylinder locks also. Its just a question of obtaining the parts and getting dirty. If you take it to a dealer, they can be very costly. I'm sure if you uncle owns a wreck yard, he has the skill to replace the parts. Ask him to help you after you purchase the parts. Z1 motor sports is a good place to get z parts cheap than the dealer, or you can try Courtesy Nissans online dept. One other thing, if you want some great help with your Z, go to . A site dedicated to Z lovers. Shop will charge you about 500 just for Master cylinder.
If you want them to work on ice you have to stud them. And as far as winter tires go, you can do much, much better. General Altimax Arctic Nokian Nordman 4 Or a studless tire (doesn't use or need studs) like the; Continental Extreme Winter Contact Michelin X-Ice2 Bridgestone Blizzak WS-70 BF Goodrich Winter KSi

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