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German Shepherd Help?

Thanks to all the advice I've gotten from many people on here, especially from GSD Owner I found a good pup. Now I need your opinion on how they look. They have been tested and their parents are healthy as well. Also, how much should i feed them , how often should i shower him, etc ( basic GSD needs) because i already own a dog, but she is a small, low maintenance dog, so im not that sure with a GSD. Any male names? Should i neuter him? I would really appreciate these questions answered. Thanks.Here are the pics of the mom, dad, and one of the pups i will get.


Start With a check list 1. Do you have Co2 or Compressed air, etc. 2. Do you hear any leakage of air 3. Possibly a Paintball got hung up and caused the gun to Jam If none of these work i would consult your local paintball reatailer
Very romantic idea for V-Day! Obviously you do not live in an area that has snow fall at this time of year and you are able to do this! Lucky you! I'm up to my knees in snow right now! LOL! The safest way to go would most likely be a Coleman portable propane grill/stove and a Coleman propane lantern. Both are meant to run off of small, portable propane tanks (screw in cylinders). Where I live, the stove/grill would cost around $80 and the lantern around $50 (Canadian Funds) or there abouts. But they are both very good products. A little expensive if you are only going to use them the one time, but a good investment if you intend to do any tenting/camping in the future. But please do take the time to learn how to properly light the stove and lantern before using them for the first time (because sometimes people don't learn properly). You have to burn the mantle in the lantern with a match before you light the lantern, so the mantle will hold and encase the propane like a ball of light inside of the mantle and the glass covering. The stove is just very much like lighting a gas BBQ. Always use them in a well ventilated, outdoor area.Your local camping store should be able to help you out with the how to burn a mantle part, and also there will be proper instructions that come with the stove and lantern. Hope this helps some, and have a wonderful time!!!

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