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GoodYear Wrangler Silent Armor Tires?

Has anyone tried a set of the Good Year Wrangler Silent Armor Tires? If so what the cons and pros? I keep on hearing mixed reviews for these tires. GoodYear dealershop highly recommends them.I'll be driving in all weather conditions. I have a ford ranger that I've been thinking about putting them on. How do they handle in snow/ice/slush, wet and ect?


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TCS Traction Control System. I find that traction control is most useful on wet streets. It is much more useful to have studded tires and/or tire chains during heavy winters - and of course, to practice defensive driving. If you plan to just leave a set of all-season tires on the car, though, and you tend to drive aggressively, then traction control is an excellent idea to have.

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