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GSP OR JAKE SHIELDS who will win?

who will win between gsp and jake? gsp has allot of top Competition and hes getting better in every fight, but Shields has a good ground game.My opinion is that GSP will come on top. Shields barely beat Dan Henderson and his last fight with Kampen was boring


Given the materials (thin metal, oil-based plastics etc) that modern freezers are constucted of, I wouldn't think that they would last long in contact with high temperatures. Perhaps though, they would make a fair barrier against smoke damage. All the same I would be wary of storing paper in a working freezer as the low tempratures within may have a bad effect, I do believe paper retains some moisture content and could be damaged. And in the case of a power-cut could become waterlogged.
Not sure what your assignment is looking for, but I can think of a couple of potential problems. First, and simplest - if the suits actually use asbestos. It can be pretty nasty stuff to handle just in itself. There are some pretty well-understood health risks associated with asbestos exposure. Second, and more in line with the direction I think you were headed. It has to do with human psychology and the perception of risk. If someone believes their protective gear makes them safe they may take more risks - risks that can put them in greater danger than their gear can handle. A scientist in a fire suit might go further into the crater, or closer to a lava flow, than they can get out of quickly if the circumstances change quickly. The sensory isolation the suit creates encourage them to concentrate so much on their specific task (tunnel vision) that they lose awareness of their risk environment. This would be a case of the law of unintended consequences, where improvements in safety paradoxically make people less safe. A classic example is the effect of rigid ski boots and release bindings on injuries to recreational skiers. In the early days, a common injury was a fracture in the lower leg. These are quite rare now. Today, there is a much greater incidence of torn knee ligaments - a much more debilitating injury, and one much harder to heal. Again, I don't know if that's what you're looking for, but I hope it helps.

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