Hand made scrap rug?

I'm looking for instructions on how to make a rug with scrap squares of fabric tied into knots and what not.Thanks!


Hmmm. Not a seamstress, nor do I care to be, but I have one that I enjoy, and has lasted for 3 years, but it was machine made, and as a Rag Rug, was stitched, not knotted. Actually a pretty decent project though, for using scrap fabric, much like a braided oval/round rug. Perhaps you might find in a fabric retailer, a Mesh type, stiff material/substance, similar to that used in small yarn craft kits, but in a larger size? Just my two sense
Aug 23, 2017
cut your cloth scraps into long strips about 1 inch wide, sew ends together to make really long strips, sew 3 together at one end, attach that end to something and start braiding. when you get near the end of your strips, sew on some more strips and braid some more. Starting at the sewn end of your braid, tuck together and start a spiral sewing the edges of the braid to each other with button thread, keep going till it's the size you want. If you start folding a 3 - 8 inch length back on itself then keep going around, you will end up with an oval rug have fun
Aug 23, 2017
That sounds like a quilt and not a rug.
Aug 23, 2017

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