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Has anyone ever heard of a pallet?

Growing up my mom use to tell us to make a palet on the floor meaning for us to make a bed on the floor. My husband has never heard of that and thinks I'm crazy. Have you heard of a palet?


There are often listings on craigslist for people needing to get rid of pallets, you might check there.
Pallets Fort Worth
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I don't know about the DFW area, but I worked for a local Sears store in Colorado Springs and whenever we got a shipment from the warehouse, we would have a number of wooden pallets and only kept those that were recycleable and in good shape and the rest were put aside for anyone who wanted them on a first come-first serve basis. I might suggest to your husband that he might contact different dept stores' or grocery stores' management, warehouse management or security departments, find out what days of the week they receive their trucks and then ask if they can either set their unused pallets in a certain place in their parking lot (as our store did) or if it is ok if he comes over in the middle of the day <sometime after the truck has been emptied and the merchandise has been received> and collects any and all unwanted pallets. More than likely, the stores will gladly be willing to give them up because it saves them from having to break down the broken pallets and save them dumpster space and costs to recycle them.

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