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have 89 eagle summit axle on left side keep popping out way?

put new back motor mount still did same thing. Could it be from bad transmission mount


If you have all of your mounts ,both motor and transmission mounts in good condition, then you may have your vehicle,s unibody construction buckled,meaning that stresses in the construction of the frame tweaks the position of the axle causing it to pop the axle while driving,this problem was also on the earlier caravans,the way to correct this problem is to find a n axle rebuilder and ask them for a shim that you place on the inner part of the hub where axle will be installed this will reduce the excess clearance between the axle and the transmission,another thing you can check iis the C clip that is on the axle ,make sure that it is there before reinstalling the axle, good luck,delmy d
May 28, 2018
there is a retaining clip on the end of the axle shaft if this is missing or compressed too far it will continue to pop out, also make sure it is put in all the way, a couple blows from a deadblow hammer after it is seated in as far as you can push it.
May 28, 2018
the sur clip is worn out.
May 28, 2018

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