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HELP! Ive ruined my hair?

I had really healthy long dark hair.. It was dyed mind you as I went grey years ago. I asked my hairdresser how the best way to go blonde and she suggested a few sessions of highlights. Now its really dry and snapping off about half way up. Am I going to have to have it all chopped off and start again?


it sounds better than slow down bumps
They are supposed to break your speed
You could try blowing a fan on your smoke alarm while you are using the oven. A small fan should work for that. For a temporary fix, I have seen the following done: put a small towel inside a bucket (like tupperwear or something) and place the whole thing over the alarm. It should stay there by itself. Also, if you are really annoyed (and I realize this might be defeating the purpose), you could take the batteries out while you are cooking.
it blows up and your not gonna get hit by lightning relax sweet heart
Say WHAT now?? Maybe that's why my truck axles are toast..

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