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help me please!!!! i am so scared will i have a law suit???!?!?

i work as a cna and my friend took a picture of me giving a resident a shower.. i smiled in the picture and i guess someone rated us out to our boss. we deleted the picture along time ago so its not like they ever saw it. i am just so scared!! i dont know if i should deny it or just tell the truth i am only 17


knife laws for CO but its illegal for any student to have a knife on school grounds without written permission from faculty
Signs designed to be seen at night are coated with special reflective materials consisting of very tiny plastic spheres that reflect light back to the source. While snow is white, meaning it reflects light well, it scatters the reflected light in all directions. This means that much less reflected light reaches you from snow than from the special reflective material so the snow appears much darker than the rest of the sign. Signs that are not intended for night use, such as school crossing signs, are typically not specially coated. Look for one at night and you will see how dark it is and what a difference the coating can make.

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