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How can I fix my directors chair?

Ok, my directors chair which I love so much, has quit. It will not pop up anymore. I guess the shock underneath quit. I have another smaller directors chair, which is just ok. Can I take the shock out of that one and put it in my bigger/better directors chair for it to work again. I miss my good chair, it has arms on it and very good. The other one does not have arms. Please let me know. Thank you


so you have an air shock under the chair that is supposed to hold you up but it leaks air so the chair stays in the lower position all the time? You may be able to replace the seals in the shock, or replace the shock itself. See if you can find the name of the company that made it and the model number and call them about your options. If the shocks are the same size and look the same, you can try switching them.

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