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how can I remove stripes from a van?

these stripes were applied professionally from the factory..I am looking for away to soften the material(3M reflective) to pull this off from the paint?


no one could possibly answer this question is it pvc or cast iron .
like the optician above suggested, specific and no. The AR coating won't help with the edge reflections on the lenses while they're decrease into your frames. perhaps i'm keeping the obtrusive right here, yet have you ever tried *no longer* getting the perimeters polished? while they're polished, it we could extra suitable mild interior the aspects, and a few human beings locate it bothersome. (And it is honestly extra paintings for the optical place to shine the perimeters, so they shouldn't strengthen any objections to no longer doing it.)
If you mean the drain pipe that connects to your sewer system it can get pricey depending on how much needs to be removed, replaced. Typically, the costs come in labor rather than in parts when it comes to pipes and fittings. IF what you're asking about involves where the toilet seats to the floor, and IF you actually need to replace everything vs. just reseating the commode (1 source of leaks in a toilet is a bad seal $10.00 part and 45 minutes of labor), then at a minimum you're looking at getting a new flange, (perhaps with extensions), a new wax ring, likely an elbow of some kind, and an appropriate run of pipe. All those parts run about $50.00 (Give or take) when working with plastic/PVC. More with metal. To replace them means moving the commode (15-30 minutes), cleaning the area and removing the damaged pipe. Depending on the damage that could take a couple of hours or it could take another 15-30 minutes. Replacing, cementing, fixing, futzing I'd anticipate 2.5 hours and $75.00 in parts. Not sure what your plumber charges by the hour. Good luck.

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