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How can I string my 4 string bass?

I have a 4 string stagg BC300 bass guitar.Its now a 3 string.How do you re-string one of these bass's?Also if I get good at bass is it a good idea to learn to play electric guitar?


Buy the appropriate stringInvestigate the bridge end, to see how the strings are attached There will be an attachment with 4 holes in it, probablyThread the new string through the hole, run it over the bridge, seating it correctly in the saddle(There will be a ball end on the string that will rest against the attachment) then take the end up to the headPush the end through the hole in the machine head post, wind the string round a couple of times then turn the machine head peg until it is in tunePlaying the electric guitar is always a good ideaHope this helps.

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