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How can I tell if a Front wheel drive car has a broken axle or a busted trans?

I was driving home when a vibration at highway speed started, and all of a sudden I heard the sound of metal clanking against metal coming from the passenger side of the engine.I had the car towed home and I leaked a bunch of trans fluid on the flatbed, when i took the tire off the passenger side I can see the boot ripped and grease everywhere but didn‘t see a snapped axle or anything. I droped the passenger side and lifted up the Driver side and everything looks perfect so I threw the car in first and the driver side rotor spun and no clanking sound. I can stop the rotor with a little effort with one hand and then it started pouring so I was unable to see what the passenger side did with it up in the air and the tire off. Anyone have any idea how to know if I can just slap a new axle in the passenger side, or if I should start hunting a trans? Thanks in advance!


it the axle that needs to be replace your tranny should be ok the sound that you hear its the axle that its broken theres no way to see it until you take it out if you take it out you will see that its going to come out on two pieces i had the same problem with my car the axle broke oil came out boot mess up grease everywhere just put a new one and add the oil need it to the tranny and you'll be fine after that do a wheel alingment
May 28, 2018
Within reason they are right, we have a condition when cornering a car called oversteer and understeer, understeer is when although the front wheels are turned to make the corner the car wants to keep going straight ahead this is a 'stable condition' and is easily corrected by taking your foot of the accelerator which to most drivers is a natural response anyway and the car will then follow the direction in which the front wheels are pointing, oversteer is an 'unstable condition' that is when the rear wheels want to slide out of line and is corrected by turning into the skid however if you have gone into the corner to hard and your back end starts to slide then to correct you turn into the skid you could be turning into the oncoming lane of traffic, not really were you want to be, so if you just let the back slide you will probably do a 360deg spin and if you happen to be driving a SUV then it will probably roll as well, if you watch Worlds wildest Police videos the police always hit the villain in the rear quarter to induce on oversteer condition so that the driver loses control. Most manufactures build in understeer although with rear engined cars oversteer is a natural condition hence they are more likely to spin out of control and/or roll over. actually it pays to have good Tyre's all round, but for safety ----------- would you have the best Tyre's at the front or rear?
May 28, 2018

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