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how come my eggs burned up so fast?

i pt the eggs in the pan, come back in the kitchen 12 minutes later and they was burnt!! the smoke detector went off.


I own a shop, and think this; Your ignition switch should be bolted to the side of the steering column, and I think on yours there is a rod that runs from the locking part up where the cylinder is, down to the switch. When you engage the switch, or the start part, it pulls this rod to activate the switch. With this being said; I think this rod is not pulling far enough to activate the start position of the switch without moving the steering wheel up, which in turn pulls on the rod just enough to make it work. I think you will need to shorten the rod somehow, either by adjusting the switch on its track, or fixing whatever is loose about the rod. The only wires up in this part of the steering column is for the horn, and turn signals. The switch itself should be mounted to the side of the column about half way down towards the floor, and on the right side of the column. If you will look at it; you will see the rod that I'm talking about, and the two screws that holds the switch in place. It could also be the neutral safety switch is not being activated without moving the wheel. I would think this may very well be the problem, and not the switch at all, but it doesn't hurt to check it too. Try unplugging the neutral safety switch, and place a jumper wire in the plugs to bypass the switch, and this will tell you if the switch is in fact the problem. Glad to help out, good Luck!!!
Just find the caps lock button on the left side of your keyboard. It's between the Tab button and the shift button.

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