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How do capacitor and inductor combonations create ocilation?

I always wandered about that.


Mathematically you would have to be familiar with complex numbers and some calculus. that is why Thomas Edision used DC and N. Tesla and Westinghouse used AC. by analogy. It is like the mass and spring. inertia keeps the mass moving, the spring tries to return it to center but the inertia makes it overshoot in the other direction and you get oscillations., electrically the inductor is an inertia like effect and the capacitor is a spring like effect. It took me a long time to understand this. In the 1850's James Clark Maxwell wrote and solved vector calculus differential equations for all the known electrial effects and prediticted electro-Magnetic waves in space that had exactly the velocity of light, showing that light and radio were all the same thing. that was before radio was invented. How is that for Nerds Rule
The capacitor and inductor do not create oscillations. They require an outside Voltage source to start and sustain oscillations. Edit add on: This is not a nerd rule just simply a fact.

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