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How do I disable the car alarm?

My sister's 2006 Suzuki Reno car alarm keeps going off when it's parked. I would park her car and her alarm would go off an hour later constantly. Her car hood doesn't go down all the way either (if that helps). The neighbors are getting really annoyed. What cords would I have to pull to disable it?PS) I know it could be the hood but do you have any other options?


most hard wired alarms have a battery back up. its probably time to replace the battery. also when the breaker trips on the water heater its time to replace the heating filament.
The auto-lock is there to assist locking on to enemies, so there is nothing to fix because aiming with auto-lock is supposed to aim at the enemy. Yes, it would be helpful in your situation if your character did not aim at enemies, but how is the game supposed to know when you want to auto-lock and when you don't? Some people may still want to shoot at the zombies with the weapon and not revive teammates, and still want auto-lock to lock onto enemies (after all, that's what all the weapons are intended for, the instant revive part is just an added bonus). If you really want it to stop, just turn off auto-lock (though I'm sure you don't want to do this).

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