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How do i make a DC Micro motor work on AC current?

I have a typical small DC motor which runs on 3-9 volts dc at thousands of RPM.Making use of wall power outlet and some resitors, can I run this motor properly? Will the motor run properly because of the 50Hz freq. of changing polarity as I am not planning to add diode bridges. If it might not run properly, then how to AC motors run normally?Thanks


You have to convert the AC source to 3 to 9 volts DC.
Connected to an AC source, a DC motor will sit there and vibrate. DC motors work on magnetic repulsion by perfectly timed pulses. AC motors normally work on magnetic induction with either a rotating or ratcheting magnetic field. In most of them, the part that spins doesn't contain any coils or magnets at all. It's usually just layers of aluminum and iron. If you need finite details, Google is your friend.

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