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rug hooking and latch hooking?

whats the difference between the two? i've done latch hooking but im wondering if rug hooking is the same thing or close?


2 differences, first you don't get precut yarn with rug hooking, you use a skein or ball of yarn, starting from the back with your hook on the top, pull the yarn through, making a continuous line. 2nd the hook in rug hooking does not have the latch over the hooky part. I did quite a few latch hook projects and tons of fun. I just recently learned rug hooking while on vacation. At first it is a little harder, getting a even tension and so that the pile of yarn on the top is all even and not splitting the yarn. What I like better about rug hooking is not dealing with all those precut pieces of yarn. Experience: beginning hooker er um rug hooker
Aug 23, 2017
rug hooking and latch hooking are somewhat close but rug hooking is harder and take a long time..............the latch hooking is easier and more fun and takes less time..........
Aug 23, 2017

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