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how do you get a car up a hill in the snow?

I live in a apartment and it was built on the side of a small hill.I've been trying to get my car up the driveway but because of the snow I 'm suck and can't get out.I live in alabama and it rarely snows here and I have no snow-chains to put on my tires.So I was wondering if somebody up north could give me some advice about how to drive in the snow and ice and get my car unstuck?H-E-L-P P-L-E-A-S-E!!!


Just remember, all you have to do is go in the other door, and open it from the inside!
The point of the cladding is that it has a different index of refraction from the core material. This makes the boundary between the two reflective for light waves that travel in the core as long as the angle of the light wave does not exceed a certain angle.

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