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How much area rug to buy.....?

Ok my dinning room table measures 60cm x 40cm how many inches of area rug would i buy to fit and have some space left?is this one way too big 63inches x 94 inches?thanks all.


Use this rule of thumb: Chairs of dining room table should rest completely on the rug when pulled up to the table and allow the chairs to glide over the edge of the rug without catching. The rug you have now is about 5 X 8 if it is 63 inches by 94 inches and that is pretty small for a dining rug. If the flooring under your table is wood consider no rug at all- you may prefer it! You're saying that your table in inches is only 15.75 inches by 24 which isn't even big enough for a dinner plate- are you sure your dining table is that small? Just checking as the measurement you gave may have been a typo? If your dining table seats about 4 people then I suggest at least a 5 x 8 rug.If your table seats only two, I would still go with a 5' x 8' to add color and make the space more interesting. If your table seats 6 then I suggest a rug that is about 8' x10'. If the room is small then no rug at all or consider a room sized rug that fills the whole room, will add color and texture and will actually make the space appear larger instead of cut-up with so many little things. Hope that helps! Sheri Interior designer/ Artistic Spaces Interior Design
Aug 23, 2017
There are many nice machine made rugs that are not very expensive.You can find them at department stores, which often have sales, and home improvement stores -- which are good ones for high traffic areas. Hand made ones will be more expensive, it's all in how much you can afford.
Aug 23, 2017
Maybe you better measure again, because that's the smallest dining room table I ever heard of. 60 cm is only about two feet.
Aug 23, 2017

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