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How much do windshield wipers and heaters cost?

Ok, so i am thinking of buying a truck that doesnt have windshield wipers. How much would it cost for me to get some windshield wipers on it? Also how much would it cost to get a heater / defroster in it?


Wiper Blades are cheapbut is there a wiper MOTOR in it?? Are you talking about just wiper blades.the deal with the rubber on it or the whole deal that attach blades to? And in regards to no heat.ask the guy selling the truck what you need! A whole heater system could set you back A LOT of money!!
windshield wipers cost from 8.00 to 30.00 each depending on length and quality What do you mean by no heater ? .does the fan work? (blows air but not hot) fan motors average 40.00 to over 100.00 .a used one can be purchased for around 25.00 Heater cores range from 45.00 to over 100.00 also Both are plus Labor to install (would need specific info on vehicle for accurate estimate cheapest way would probly be a 12 volt portable heater that plugs into cigar lighter for about 30.00 or more depending on btu
It's not going to be that expensive to replace ALL these parts, as you can buy everything you need from a wrecking yard, used, but, my biggest concern would be how custom is this truck. If he modified the firewall and filled in the mounting holes that connect the heater core and the heater box, that will require extensive and expensive repairs, and worse yet would be if he molded the air intake panel (that's the panel between the hood and the windshield) to the right and left fender, that panel will have to be replaced, which will have to be cut out to be removed, and the new one will have to be color matched for paint. It can be done, but if you're not mechanically inclined, this will be a very expensive venture If that's the case I think it would be a poor decision to buy this truck to use as a daily driver. Good luck Oh yeah, one other thing, if the heater control panel is missing and the hole in the dashboard where it mounts is missing and has been filled in, you will be fighting a losing battle, I don't even I would want to tackle this project, unless you have a lot of time and money.

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