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how to draw guy's attention whom i dont know?

a few occasions that i am not sure how to act: 1inside elevator: i saw the same guy a few times in the elevator since we work on the same floor currently, since there are other people as well and it only takes a few min for us to get to our floor, is there an appropriate way to talk to him let him know i am interested in him? how will i know if he is taken, married etc?2outside office building or even on the street, sometimes i come cross guys that attract to me just by 1st impression, but how can i find an excuse to talk to them without embarrassing myself? there is only very short time we pass by each other, less than 1 min when u walk.


1) THE GUY IN THE ELEVATOR: Do not let him know you are interested in himJust strike up a conversationOnce you begin talking and if he is interested, you will knowGet to know him and you will be sure to find out if this guy is takenJust simple questions, like, did you see the (sports name here) game on Sunday? If he is taken and a gentleman he will say, yeah, I saw it at my girlfriends houseThis is how you get to know someoneIn your conversation, you could mention that you do not have a boyfriend simply by, in conversation, stating something like, my former boyfriend and I went to Jamaica and.something about foodIt is really easy to find out about people without asking direct personal questions and to give information about yourself as wellI do it all of the timeMost people (possible dates) who want you to know certain things about them are open2) THE RANDOM GUY IN PUBLIC: A man did this to me and it was quite effectiveLike you said, it was a split second random encounter in publicWe were walking toward each other and he stopped, dead in his tracks and locked eyes on me as I began to walk byWhen I got close to him, he said Would you have coffee with me sometime?I stopped and smiled and politely said I am not free to do so, but thank you for askingWe exchanged small talk and both went our separate waysI saw him around every now and then and we exchanged friendly gesturesBut that was last yearI would have positively gone for coffee if I was not already in loveSometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone and take a riskHow many men are you going to allow to slip through your fingers? The reason I gave different scenarios with the elevator guy is because you will be sure to see this man in the course of the day where you work, so this friendly approach protects you from putting yourself out there to get embarassed if he is takenHey, you may make a new friend who has single friendsAnything is possible.

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