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How to not get icicles on your house?

We already have great insilation, but is there anything else? The last thing I need is an ice dam! It is a big problem in the winter. Do you know of any products that will help? Any minor renavations? Thanks in advance!


Yes because any lights on your car are suppose to be in working condition. It's like having a broken tail lamp, they can pull you over even if the lamp still show red on it.
Virginia police are so picky. I think license lights are required unless you have one of those glow in the dark license plates.
All states require a light to illuminate the license plate that I'm aware of. And I've lived in 6 of them and driven in 32 of them.
Make sure you bring a first aid kit fellas and have a map of the area just in case . I know you said your familiar with the area but if **** hits the fan its still handy to have . Sounds great though fellas you pretty much have it all squared away . Enjoy mate
Many states still require it but with the advent of reflective materials on the license plate itself many have not required this light because it is built into many taillights. Virginia Law 46.2.1013 Taillights. with a white Lens to show the license plate from a distance of 50 ft or a special license plate white light to illuminate the plate from the rear to 50ft.

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