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How to Remove Broken Axle Stub?

My neighbors 2001 Mustang v6 with 7.5 rear, the wheel hit a curb and broke the axle at the housing, nothing protruding to get a hold of. How do we get it out? Is it held in with circle clips? We are trying to pull it without pulling the center section. Any help is appreciated


Pull the cover. You'll have to pull the locking pin and center pin of the differential (Do NOT use a 12-point tool on that 5/16 locking pin.I guarantee it'll round off. Use a 6 point and a sharp hammer blow to break the torque). You'll need to push the axle inward to get clearance to get the c-clip out. To keep from having the broken stub fall in the housing behind the wheel bearing when you push it in, I would drill a hole in the end of the broken axle and insert a screwdriver or bolt to grasp it should this occur. This should allow you to pull the axle without pulling the wheel bearing. Rest easy, you won't have to pull the ring or pinion gears.
May 28, 2018
You do not have a choice. You must pull the differential cover, remove the bolt that holds the center pin, remove the center pin, push the broken axle in to release the c-clip holding the axle then push the axle out with a screw driver, pry bar or whatever you have.
May 28, 2018
You'll need to pull the differential cover, remove the clips (if necessary) and force the axle out using a screwdriver or other tool.
May 28, 2018

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