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How to wash my white shag rug.I am 28 wks pregnant and want everything so clean all the time.Plz help?

I vacuum it and pick up anything that falls on it but I think its very dusty and dirty because where I live it gets really dusty in the apartment.I have heard about car wash but how will I dry the rug later? How much would a laundry cleaning cost? The rug is $150 and 5 by 7


Cleaning shag rugs, however, can be tougher to clean than ordinary rugs. They need regular care even more so than regular rugs because of the type of pile. Follow these steps to help make this task more manageable. Instructions Step 1Vacuum your shag rug regularly. Clean it twice a week to keep it in tip-top shape. Step 2Sweep area rugs that are not too large with a bristle broom. The broom bristles get down into the pile and push the dirt out. Step 3Paddle your not-too-large area rugs by rolling them up, shaking them outdoors and then throwing them over a clothesline. Then use a paddle to knock the dirt out of them. Step 4Rent a shampoo machine at a local stare. Do this once every six months for best results. Your local supermarket or super center should have carpet shampoo machines available. Step 5Hire a professional service if you don't want to shampoo the rug yourself. Look the yellow pages under Carpet Cleaners to find services in your area.
Aug 23, 2017
Is this your first ultrasound? The ultrasound machine is usually a little more accurate than the calendar method/last menstrual period method, but it could be off a bit. There is usually a two week allowance either way for the due date, though. I wouldn't worry about the exact due date. Only a very few women actually give birth on The Day.
Aug 23, 2017
Trust me throw it in the wash and set it to the setting you usually do to wash colors it`ll turn out just fine . Don`t bleach it though just use laundry detergent. And to dry it throw in the dryer. I have the same rug I tried this before I reccomend it.
Aug 23, 2017

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