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howw do i demagnatizze a window alarm?

likee break the little senro thing that makes the alarm go off or the beeep


NO! Its a common summertime image of children playing in the water. People get so up tight over the smallest things
First and look around there for pricing and custom build your own alarm from their site. A basic alarm will work but you really need to get the battery backup add-on and possibly a second siren with a separate battery back-up. Possibly a tilt sensor so thieves don't just tow your car away. Each of these add-ons cost $70-80 from Viper. Chirps and cool sounds aren't what you should be considering. But Viper alarms do chirp if you set off the alarm accidentally but the siren noise is standard. If you're into the cool factor, there is a $199 upgrade where the alarm will say Intruder alert and other phrases which you may enjoy. If you really only have $150, don't get an alarm but get a fuel cutoff switch installed. What that does is turn off the pump that sends fuel to the engine. Kind of difficult to steal a car that can't move, ya know? Parts and install for just that will run $80 at a good shop.With the cutoff switch, a basic alarm with battery back-up, you really can't go wrong. But you're looking at maybe $600+ with install. It is a small price to pay, trust me, it's worth it. Where I come from: I've had one car stolen ('95 Honda del Sol) and someone attempted to steal my current car ('99 Honda Civic Si) last week. The del Sol had a basic alarm with no battery backup or sensors. The Civic had a cutoff switch with a basic alarm. After doing some more research, battery backup with a second siren AND the tilt sensor added to the alarm with a cutoff switch is really what a basic alarm should come with.

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