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I breathed in some fire extinguisher powder. Help?

While helping my neighbor put out a fire I accidentally inhaled some fire extinguisher powder. My lungs burn a little and I have been coughing ever since. Could I have damaged my lungs and should do something? Or I'am I fine and just over reacting?


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No, No, No, it's not going to be CO2 in the dorms. CO2 is for Class B and C fires. Most dorm fires are going to be Class A, and 95% of the extinguishers you see in public are dry chemical not CO2. Unlike they show in the movies CO2 is not a common extinguisher. Too much CO2 and you can die from lack of oxygen too boot. The stuff on the floor is the left over dry chemical. CO2 would have evaporated back into the air. You don't want to expose yourself to prolonged breathing of the dry chemical as it can irritate you. This is common with any powdered chemical though. Baby powder is going to irritate you if you breathe it. Sweep it up and move on, no big deal. If you got any in your electronics such as a TV you're going to want to get some canned air and blow it out. It can foul up your electronics and clog up HVAC filters as well.
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Well, get rid of it. You won't die from one being set off, but don't let it sit around.

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