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I found a capped syringe on the ground?

I found a capped syringe on the ground?I was wlaking my dog and I found a needle on the ground. It was capped and everything. I was attentive to it. I wanted to pick it up but I did not have gloves. I Do not know if it has heroine in it. I hate to walk down the street with a syringe full of heroine. So I just left it. I am worried someone else is going to step on it and uncap it. What do I do? I do not want to go to jail or get a disease?


Oh you silly man! I have had 6 kids over the course of my 69 years of life. And I know what you mean!! I would have had 8, but I wont go into the details of that story. Blesses!! -F U
There are words in your report that are strange to me. Words are important in dreams, since dreams often grow out of word pictures (metaphors) you hear in everyday speech. (Have you ever heard someone in the pub where you live talking about the house? Maybe they don't like the people there and joke about burning the house down in a joking way of course.) I've never heard of Kelly Clarkson or Sainsbury's or 999 but I do have a similar dream as yours, time and time again. The house I live in is filling with rain water and nobody cares no matter how desperately I try to alert them of the danger. I have no doubt about the meaning of my dream. It's about changes that are going on in my life and between me and my family. Your house, however, is right opposite the road. (In my lingo, it would be just across the street.) Everyone in this opposite place is a total stranger, except that there are two very familiar faces looming, your sister's and your own, in the video. I would suggest that the dream is about anxiety for your relationship with your sister. The house is your relationship and something is threatening it.

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