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I need some Chemistry help!!!?

A chemistry student must separate solid barium sulfate, a precipitate, from an aqueous solution, equipment and glassware normally found in the chemistry classroom are available to the student.Describe how the student could separate the solid barium sulfate from the aqueous solution. What kind of lab equipments would be needed for this procedure and how are they used? Any safety equipments needed and why? How could this procedure be used in a solution outside the chemistry classroom?


This is variable depending on the material. The property of a material's ability to reflect light is measured as a percentage of reflection called albedo. A mirror reflects almost 100% of the light that hits it and has an albedo near 100%. A highly reflective material, such as white sand, will have a high albedo, while black velvet has a very low albedo near zero.
Larger trucks have stiffer suspensions to accommodate the heavier loads that they may carry. Stiff suspensions stiff ride with little comfort compared to a passenger car.

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