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I want to put a rug in my room but It's bad luck? Help?

I have this rug that's in my garage that I want to put in my room. It used to be in my old room when I was younger but I don't want to put it in my room because I had it in my room when I was 12-14 (Now 17) and it was a horrible time, I used to get in trouble,grounded,awkward moments,just horrible stuff. I know I'm being superstitious but I don't want to have bad luck in my room. I think that If I put the rug in my room it will invite all that bad. I really want to put it in my room but I can't.It will bring back all those bad times. How do I overcome this? And is it bad luck? Help please.


There is no such thing as luck. If something we can't explain happens, and it's good we say we had good luck, and opposite if bad things happen we say we had bad luck. Luck good or bad is a state of mind. You must stop associating the rug with the bad times of the past. Think about it, the rug had nothing to do with the things that happened in the past. If your life has changed, and your more stable in your daily affairs the rug will not change that. It may be good to put it in your room you did write that you liked the rug, and that you would like to put it in your room. I say go for it. After a short time of it being back in the room, you should be able to let the past, and the fact that the same rug was on the floor go. Make new, good memories to replace the old bad ones that the rug reminds you of. It's not the Rug sweetie.
Aug 23, 2017
The years between 12 and 14 are known to be horrible, awkward, catastrophic years for everyone rug or no rug. If you want to purify the rug from any bad qi you should throw salt on it. Salt is a purifier. If you still feel that you are too superstitious and it is really stressing you out put the rug in the garbage.
Aug 23, 2017

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